RouteMaster: Appendix 1: Router Protocols.

The following router and control systems are supported. If your router isn’t shown here but uses a listed protocol, we’re happy to work with you to validate correct operation.

Brand Model Protocol Name Transfer Serial Ethernet
AJA Kumo GVG Native
Barnfind BarnOne Pro-bel SW-P-08
Blackmagic Videohub BMD Videohub
Evertz/Quartz Magnum
Quartz RCP 1
FOR-A MFR-4100 series Leitch Pass-through, with extensions
Grass Valley Orbit Pro-bel SW-P-08, NVision NV 9000
Grass Valley Jupiter VM-3000 Jupiter ASCII
Grass Valley SMS7000 GVG Native
GVG/NVision NV9000 NVision NV 9000
GVG/NVision NV5128, etc NVision router
GVG/NVision CR Series NVision router (UDP)
GVG/Snell Aurora
Pro-bel SW-P-08
Imagine/Harris/Leitch Platinum
Leitch Pass-through
Imagine/Harris Platinum
Harris LRC
Kramer misc Kramer-2000
Kramer misc Kramer-3000
Lawo VSM Pro-bel SW-P-08
Nevion VikinX Sublime Nevion MRP
Nevion VideoIPath Nevion MRP
Nevion/Network Network Network NCB
Pro-Bel Pro-Bel SW-P-02
Pro-Bel Halo
Pro-bel SW-P-08
Rascular RouteMaster Rascular WebSocket
Ross Ultrix GVG Native, Pro-bel SW-P-08
Sierra Video Aspen Aspen
UTAH SC-4, SC-40, SC-400 RCP-3A

Client connections are supported using the following protocols:

  • BlackMagic Videohub
  • Evertz /Quartz
  • GVG Native
  • GVG Jupiter ASCII
  • Harris/Leitch Passthru
  • Harris LRC
  • Kramer 2000 and 3000
  • NVision NV9000
  • NVision Router
  • Network NCB
  • Nevion Sublime
  • PESA P1N
  • Probel General Remote
  • Probel Switcher
  • Sierra Aspen
  • Utah Scientific
  • RouteMaster Websocket