RouteMaster Lite Software Downloads

V2.0.0.7 07-Jan-2020
  • Updated to NDI SDK 4.1.5
  • 2.0 UI with video monitors, metering, etc.
  • Licensing changes for multiple webpanels
  • Improved UI vs Control separation
  • Removed VS DLL Installlation
  • Use internal routing to speed monitor switching

Known Issues

  • Locked Outputs aren’t correctly marked on the Web Panel
  • The Configuration dialog can be accessed when RouteMaster is running, but the RouteMaster must be STOPped and
    RUN again before changes take effect.
  • If the Configuration dialog is accessed when RouteMaster is running, router outputs will appear in the list of
    available NDI sources for mapping.

V1.3.6.1 02-Oct-2018
  • Updated to NDI SDK 3.7
  • Router state preserved across restarts, and routes remade automatically
  • NDI Lock and protect improvements
  • Lock status on BMD hardware panels now correctly restored
  • Command line options -r to force ‘run mode’ and -n to force ‘not running’ mode
  • XY Web Panel wasn’t correctly installed
  • Config option controlling automatic detection of new sources

Known Issues with

The Microsoft VS DLL Installer can conflict with Newtek NDI Tools installation. If NDI Studio Monitor won’t run following RM-Lite installation, just reinstall the Newtek NDI tools.
  • Fix crash when WebServer port in use
  • Remove extra buttons from web panels when smaller router is used