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Timebase Version History

Timebase V3.2.1.11 – 30-OCT-2015

  • Fix problem with outputting empty XML files for Iconstation

Timebase V3.2.1.7 – 4-SEPT-2015

  • Improve handling of ADC-1000 Playlists
  • Support “Ignore Date” correctly for Timebase

Timebase V3.2.0.1 – 8-JUN-2015

  • Support for ADC1000 V12 schedule files.

Timebase V3.1.0.5 – 5-DEC-2013

  • Countdown timers adjusted on Image load
  • Countdown timer animation support (with configurable duration)

Timebase V3.1.0.0 – 15-OCT-2013

  • Colossus XML Socket support
  • Add “Stop at End” flag to picker
  • Added “Use Layer Transparency” option so Operator/Automation can override timebase keyer control

Timebase V3.08 – 3 July 2013

  • Bug fixes for Timebase with database output (KVIE)

Timebase V3.07 – 17 June 2013

  • Allows time delivery into Imagestore bugclock
  • Supports Javascript in XSLT (for colossus XML adapter)
  • For Iconstation, don’t update output file unnecessarily

Timebase V3.06 – March 2013

  • Support for Utah GS4000 – delivery via ODBC database
  • Allow delivery via Excel spreadsheet – not recommended due to locking issues.

Et-Updater V3.0.4 – 20th October 2009

  • Includes latest timebase fixes
  • Updated for Vista and Windows 7-style message dialogs.

Timebase V3.0.3.2 – 30th June 2009

  • Fix for Image boxes not being rendered on newer imagestore models.

Timebase V3.0.3 – 26th March 2009

  • Change to handling of invalid start times as an attempt to determine expected start times.
  • Change to allow file renames while timebase is reading
  • Added ‘hang’ detection with madexcept
  • Minor change to handling of imagestore loss of comms – may affect the force update problem.
  • Fixes to allow spaces in idents for DB lookup
  • Includes new version support checker

ET-Updater Pro V3.00b – 5th November 2008

  • Includes Timebase 3.00 changes.

Timebase V3.00 – 4th August 2008

  • Added support for Harris Iconstation
  • Added secondary ODBC lookup option
  • Added Louth schedule file import
  • Fixed jump scroll in “show destination” dialog
  • Added option for first row titles in Spreadsheet import