RouteMaster Software Downloads

V1.3.6 11-Jan-2019
  • Corrected default port for Harris LRC protocol
  • Faster route logging
  • Command-line option “-r” to auto-run, “-n” to disable auto-run
  • Blackmagic Panels destination locks set correctly at startup.
  • Upgrade to NDI SDK 3.7

RouteMaster 1 3 6 2 Install (13.0 MiB)

V1.3.5 24-Sep-2018
  • Harris LRC support
  • INI file format change
  • MultiRouter and Tieline support – beta
  • Crystalvision IP routing (demo)
  • Stack Router level mapping enhanced
  • Input status tallying

RouteMaster 1 3 5 3 Install (13.2 MiB)

V1.2.0 28-NOV-2016
  • WebPanel code converted to Typescript
  • Web module loading via require.js
  • Support username/password for Leitch routers
  • Use ellipsis when names are too long for buttons
  • Added Bidirectional routes (MRV, etc)
  • Fix VM3000 emulator with ZA replies
  • Changes for compatibility with Rascular Web Centre
  • Fix for Sierra Aspen AFV switch
  • JQuery upgrade
V1.0.5 30-JUN-2015
  • Added Kramer 3000 Router control
  • Added RouteMaster WebSocket as control protocol

RouteMaster 1 0 5 0 Install (4.9 MiB)

V1.0.4 14-MAY-2105
  • Added NVision Router emulation
  • Added VM300 emulation
  • Added Utah Scientific router emulation
  • Fix persistence of WebPanel configuration
  • Reworked “index” page for web panels
  • Added missing packet counters
  • Support picture opacity in webpanels

RouteMaster 1 0 4 0 Install (4.9 MiB)

Older Versions


  • Mapping support

V1.0.2.1 12-AUG-2014

  • Fix recursion crash when router connection fails
  • Improved Pro-bel router debug output

V1.0.2.0 7-MAY-2014

  • Rebranded with New logo, etc.
  • Add: Pro-bel General Switcher now supports multiple levels
  • Fix: Pro-bel GSW ‘Extended Connect’ message (both control and emulation)

V1.0.1.7 27-MAR-2014

  • Fix for Probel GSW sources/dests > 127
  • Fix for GVG native checksum issues

V1.0.1.6 26-MAR-2014

  • Sierra Aspen protocol emulation (preliminary)
  • Fix for Probel sources/dests > 127
  • Fix for installer rollback problems
  • Support for Javascript in button scripts
  • Stack router support (preliminary)
  • Fix for Output Selectors

V1.0.1.5  28-FEB-2014

  • GVG Native mode : Router support and emulation (preliminary)
  • Fix for router licensing size bug

V1.0.1.4  20-FEB-2014

  • Web Panels: Group Selector bugfix
  • Allow subfolder navigation from Web Panels root
  • Access web panels directly from RouteMaster UI.

V1.0.1.3  07-FEB-2014

  • Config: Fix crash if no master router selected
  • Config: Input/Output group editing
  • Licensing : check number and size of routers
  • Web Panels: status banner and background fixes
  • Web Panels: Support for Font Styles and Button text offets
  • Web Panels: Support for Level Selectors, InputGroupSelectors and OutputGroupSelectors
  • Web Panels: JSQuery 2.1.0
  • Web Panels: Support user-configurable websocket port
  • Web Panels: Includes 3 sample WebPanels
  • Web Panels centred in browser window

V1.0 RC – 17-JAN-2014

  • Changes to Router Configuration Dialog
    • Allows multiple routers to be configured, and for switching between different ‘Master Routers’. This change enables future expansions with multiple router control.
    • Router Name Tables (for routers without protocol name support) can be edited. These are now saved as part of the configuration.
  • Web panel enhancements: Note that changes to web panels in this version requires web panels to be re-published from Helm.
    • Web Panels will reconnect to Routemaster automatically
    • Support for text opacity in labels and buttons
    • Support for ButtonWidth/ButtonHeight in routerbuses, etc, using 9-patch scaling
    • Support for drop shadow (ShadowDistance) in text
    • Lock and Protect tallying on output selector buttons
    • Long-pressing an output selector button will lock/unlock an output.
    • Helm ‘buttons’ now appear on web panels, but cannot be pressed.
    • Panel files are now pure JSON with no HTML.
    • Directory index is transferred from server as JSON, allowing index.html to be customised
    • Browsers should now cache images correctly

V1.0.0.9 beta 25-NOV-2013

  • Client Configuration dialog
  • Client rx,tx and error counts.
  • Fix for level 1 onwards in Probel GR control

V1.0.0.7 alpha

  • Reliability improvements
  • Fix memory leak
  • Fix name display problems
  • Fix missing level columns after second start

V1.0.0.6 alpha 20-OCT-2013

  • Manual matrix sizing options

V1.0.0.5 alpha 18-OCT-2013

  • Fix serial port settings issues
  • Change default Web Panel folder to c:\ProgramData\Rascular\WebPanels
  • Display web index titles and logo even if no panels present
  • Fix crash on comms errors
  • Add status indicator (temporary fix!)

RouteMaster Lite Software Downloads

V1.3.6.1 02-Oct-2018
  • Updated to NDI SDK 3.7
  • Router state preserved across restarts, and routes remade automatically
  • NDI Lock and protect improvements
  • Lock status on BMD hardware panels now correctly restored
  • Command line options -r to force ‘run mode’ and -n to force ‘not running’ mode
  • XY Web Panel wasn’t correctly installed
  • Config option controlling automatic detection of new sources

Known Issues with

The Microsoft VS DLL Installer can conflict with Newtek NDI Tools installation. If NDI Studio Monitor won’t run following RM-Lite installation, just reinstall the Newtek NDI tools.