Control of IP SDVN Systems

All Rascular’s router control products can be successfully used with SDVN systems from the major broadcast manufacturers to route IP video including SMPTE-2110.

While the AMWA/NMOS protocol suites could allow IP flows to be discovered and connected using IS-04 and IS-05, this would effectively bypass the SDVN which restricts it’s ability to safely manage signal paths and control bandwidth.
Therefore, we communicate directly with the SDVN systems to control routing – in much the same way as a conventional baseband router would operate.

SDVN Protocol Routing Control Name Transfer Lock/Protect Source Status Notes
Grass Valley Orbit Pro-Bel SW-P-08 Yes Yes Yes No #1
Nevion VideoIPath Nevion MRP Yes Yes No Yes #2
Lawo VSM Pro-Bel SW-P-08 Yes TBC TBC No
Evertz Magnum Evertz/Quartz Yes Yes Yes No
Imagine Magellan TBC TBC TBC TBC TBC


  1. Orbit Name transfer is restricted to 8 or 12 characters. RouteMaster/Helm should not use the Long16 or Long32 modes.
  2. VideoIPath does not yet support the Lock/Protect commands, although the MRP protocol does describe these.

RouteMaster, Helm and ClockWork can all be used with these systems.