Nevion MRP Implementation notes

Nevion Modular Routing Protocol (MRP) for router control is supported in Helm, RouteMaster and RouteMaster-NDI. It’s sometimes referred to as the VikingX or Sublime protocol.

RouteMaster uses the protocol for both outgoing and incoming connections, allowing third-party systems using MRP to control RouteMaster.  Helm uses it for outgoing connections to control Nevion routers. Because the protocol is used natively by Nevion hardware control panels, you can use Nevion panels to control RouteMaster.

Supported and Required  Commands

This table details the commands used for outgoing connections, and the commands supported for incoming connections.

Command Outgoing Incoming Notes
login Yes Yes Command is accepted but ignored for incoming connections. For outgoing connections, the Username and Password
ping Yes Yes Checks status of connection
syntax Yes Yes “v3” syntax is supported. Outgoing connections request v3 syntax
x l Yes Yes Level Crosspoint Take. For incoming connections, multiple destinations cannot be used
ld Yes Yes Lock/Protect/Unlock Destination
s Yes Yes Status Level
sl Yes Status Level for non-V3 connections
llist Yes Yes Level List
sglist TBC Salvo Group List.
salvolist TBC Salvo List.
x sg TBC Salvo Take

CRC support

The optional protocol CRC’s are not supported for either incoming or outgoing messages,

Special Properties

For outgoing connections, the following properties can be set directly in Helm Designer, or in the RouteMaster configuration file.

Username Used for login to router
Password Defaults to ‘guest’ Used for login to router