NDI Source Names and RouteMaster VR

NDI Source names can be long and cumbersome. RouteMaster VR allows shorter, more friendly names to be configured with RouteMaster and used by clients and control panels.NDI names are typically configured on the camera or other NDI source and have the form DEVICE_NAME (STREAM NAME).  Some NDI sources only support hard-coded names based on device serial numbers.

Every source for RouteMaster can also have a name configured within the RouteMaster application. If this is blank, then the NDI name (above) is used. This name is the one shown in the RouteMaster GUI and is  also the name exposed by the RouteMaster APIs to Crestron, for example.

These names can be as long or as short as required – again, naming requirements for a small 16-source system are very different to a large broadcast facility. Internal names use Unicode UTF-8 encoding, so can support all scripts and languages.

Note that because RouteMaster’s outputs appear as sources on the NDI network, each of these also has an NDI name visible to other systems. If RouteMaster is running on a server named SERVE1 then the default names would be SERVE1 (RM-Out xxx)  where xxx is the output number in RouteMaster.

RouteMaster allows destination names to also be configured. These are shown internally the RouteMaster UI, and also made available to external systems. They also change the names of the NDI outputs that RouteMaster creates., so instead of SERVE1 (RM-Out 1)an output could appear as SERVE1 (RM-Program)
The “RM-” prefix can also be changed or removed, and a different NDI group can be assigned to all RouteMaster outputs.