Helm Downloads

HELM V4.9.0 - 27-Apr-2023
  • Add : NDI Video Crop, Angle and NoVideoImage properties
  • Add: Ganged Mode for OutputSelectors/routerBus allows multiple outputs to be switched
  • Add: RouteMaster Web Panels can be opened directly from Helm Designer
  • Add: NDI Sender frame rate support
  • Add: Image component can act as an image source for other components
  • Add: Explicit “Reconnect” script commmand for routers
  • Add: RootPanel “Interactive” property control display of error dialogs
  • Add: Rewrite script for REST server allows URL rewriting
  • Fix: Enhanced compatibility for GVG Native protocol
  • Fix: Enhanced support fo multi-level Pro-bel SW-P-08
  • Fix: NVision NV9000 fetches names from first configured level
  • Fix: VideoHub router level names
  • Fix: VideoHub router size can be overridden
  • Fix: NDI Video Window handles audio sample rate changes
  • Fix: NDI Video Window reliability and performance
  • Fix: Clockwork numeric parameters could not be over 100
  • Fix: Improved support for AJA KUMO routers
  • Fix: Audio Headroom property for NDI Video Windows
  • Fix: Starting Helm Runtime without a panel parameter now closes cleanly

HELM V4.8.6.0 - 31-Mar-2022
  • Added: Improved image quality on resized Image components
  • Added: Lua-scriptable REST Server
  • Fixed: WebSocket protocol continuation frames
HELM V4.8.5.0 – 07-JAN-2022
  • Added: NDI Panel Sender – makes any Helm panel an NDI source!
  • Added: Analog Clock visual control
  • Added: QR Code visual control
  • Fixed: NDI Video Windows have Framesync option for smoother video
  • Moved: NDI Toolkit now at top-level in Parts Bin
HELM V4.8.4.0 beta – 09-NOV-2021
  • Fix: Masterpiece – remove redundant properties and commands
  • Fix: Masterpiece – Voiceover commands
  • Added: Audio Meters – allow all properties (must be manually entered)
  • Added: Audio Meters – DecayRate=0 bypasses the decay algorithm
  • Fix: Websockets support segmented messages
  • Added: SSL support for RouteMaster, etc.
HELM V4.8.3.0 beta – 01-SEP-2021
  • New: NDI 5 (beta)
  • Fix: BFE GPIO32 fixes
HELM V4.8.2.0 beta – 05-AUG-2021
  • New: BFE GPIO32 support (beta)
  • New: Resizeable panels (beta)
  • New: Set Clockwork event colours from Lua
  • New: NDI PTZ control
  • New: ActiveKnob graphic for faders
  • New: Page Up/Down and ItemCount support for file and media browsers
  • New: 16 and 32 character names for Pro-bel SW-P-08
  • New: Raw “SendCommand” for Nevion Sublime routers

HELM V4.8.1.0 - 25-Mar-2021
  • New: Lua and libraries updated to Lua 5.4 (this fixes annoying number/string conversion issues)
  • New: RouteMaster Bulk Tally support
  • New: GV Masterpiece support
  • Fix: Crash when using Imagestore OnDsk events
  • Fix: Sublime routers with different sizes per level
  • New: RadioGroups etc have new “ButtonsPerRow” property
  • Fix: Multiple Row RadioGroups can now be vertical
  • Fix: Support extended Pro-Bel protocol
HELM V4.8.0.5 – 03-FEB-2021
  • New: RootPanel TCPActive and WebActive can be changed at runtime
  • New: Setting RootPanel Left and Top now mvoes form correctly
  • Fix: Initial state and Lock/Protect for Harris LRC protocol
  • Fix: Fixes and Lock/Protect for Utah RCP-3 protocol
  • Fix: Display bug if resizing root panel in designer
  • New: Log window can be left open while running panel
  • New: SilentValue property for faders, bypasses OnChange event
  • New: Lua scripts can use H._This to get the sending object.
  • New: RootPanel:DuplicateComponent() methods
  • Fix: Use Material Icons for transport controls
  • New: Additional properties for BMD HyperDeck
  • New: Additional properties for SeverStatus control
  • New: Loop play support for servers
  • Fix: Incorrect hash for Websocket comms
  • New: Lua and libraries updated to Lua 5.3
  • Fix: Router Salvos could use invalid levels
  • Fix: Remove Trailing spaces from Probel and NVision names
  • Fix: Modular data corrupted when moving panels between PCs in different locales
  • Added: A leading underscore in radio button text now disables that button
  • Added: Router GetInput/Output/LevelNames methods for Lua
  • Fix: Modular card properties not shown in property inspector
  • Added: Reload Opengear constraints when panel starts (logo lists, etc.)
  • Added: DynamicItems property for Dropdown, Listbox and radiobuttons to handle OpenGear dynamic constraints
  • Fix: Support for openGear array parameter reporting
  • Added: PropertyLink editor shows current values
  • Fix: Optimizations for Indicator control

HELM V4.7.1.2 - 24-SEP-2020
  • Prompt, message and File open/save dialogs for panels
  • Clockwork “ClearSchedule” script command
  • Added functions to script editor autocomplete
  • Lua scripts now syntax checked in editor
  • Fix: audio for VLC windows
  • Fix: missing images in File and Imagestore browsers
  • Fix: backslashes and quoted characters in Lua strings
  • RS422 routing layer control for BMD VideoHub
  • Router control expanded to 32 levels
  • : Updated Helm Runtime to match designer.

HELM V4.7.0 - 16-JUNE-2020
  • Router salvo support
  • Persistent HTTP connections for API calls
  • OpenGear array property support
  • WebDAV browser support
  • Ping/Pong support for RouteMaster WebSocket
  • Load panels direct from WebCentre 2.3.1
  • Updated JSON.lua
  • Updated SLP library for OpenGear support
  • NDI Input Status support
  • PESA P1N router support
  • Pro-bel routers use long names by default
  • Numerous minor bug-fixes and enhancements

HELM V4.5.9 - 14-MAY-2019
  • Imagestore 750 3D DVE functions renamed from “3D_DVE_xxx” to “DVE_3D_xxx” – breaking change
  • Added Event Scripts to device reference
  • Fixed problem with script editing during debugging
  • Fixed problem with errors in repeating scripts
  • Both Credits and Readme are accessible from the “About” dialog
  • Added simple Checkbox button to Theme file
  • “Filter” bpx in Designer is now highlighted when in use
  • Editing an Indicator’s Propertylink now preserves Matchvalues if possible
  • Indicator MatchValues now support =,< and > for simple range comparisons
  • Indicator DefaultPicture image now used if no matching MatchValue is found
  • OnClick event now supported for Indicators
  • Theming support for Indicators
  • Fixed bug with nested groups in router Group Maps
  • Changes to Licence Manager
  • Fixed bug with buttons disabled by setting name to hyphen

HELM V4.5.8.1 - 25-MAR-2019
  • For all server devices…
    • OnClipChange – when a different clip is loaded for playout or starts playing
    • OnStatechange – when the playout server state chages (e.g. between pause/stop/play/record)
    • OnClipsChange – when the available playout clips on the server change
    • OnChange – when any of the above happen
  • Spectrum “Clips” property (names of all available clips on server) now auto-updates when clips are added or removed.
  • VariPlay – variable speed play was accidentally removed. Now reinstated
  • Spectrum control would show error if “Pause” issued while stopped
  • PlayerControl shortcut keys can be enabled/disabled with EnableShortCutKeys property
  • Changed algorithm used for Spectrum Timecode cueing
  • Improved support for VDCP servers and VTRs
  • Added support for BlackMagic Hyperdeck
  • Spectrum control would show error if “Pause” issued while stopped
  • Fixed Lock and Protect when used with Routemaster
HELM V4.5.6 - 3-DEC-2018
  • ServerStatus and PlayerControl components now work with Harmonic Spectrum
  • Spectrum CueRecord and Record script functions added
  • Improvements to NDI support and NDI router persistence
  • Add Armed picture and Lock Icon to default Routerbus theme
  • Fixes for router Input and Output GroupSelectors
  • RouteMaster devices on panel now require a URL (eg ws://ip_address:81) rather than separate IP Address and port
  • Panel export compatbility with WebCentre 2.1.2
  • Bugfixes when reading panels in JSON format
  • strict.lua added to installer
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements

HELM V4.5.4 - 24-SEP-2018
  • Elemental: Audio Meter
  • Elemental: Audio Gain and Mute control
  • Elemental: Output Groups controlled by name, not ID.
  • Elemental: Hide keyer states at design time
  • Designer: Fix random “THintWindow” crash
  • RouterBus: Hide buttons beyond router size
  • RadioGroup: “Value” property now writeable
  • Routers: Lock/Protect works when base mapping is applies
  • WebCentre: Publish to WebCentre via HTTP with API Key
  • WebCentre: Faster publishing
  • WebCentre: Add WebCentre Devices to parts bin.
  • Harris/Imagine LRC protocol added

HELM V4.5.0.3 - 28-JUNE-2017
  • Allow pause of VLC Players
  • Fix crash when Meter TickStep is zero
  • Web Panel Export now maintains Z order
  • Timer Start and Trigger Time calculations fixed.

HELM V4.4.0 - 24-JAN-2017
  • Elemental : Add Stop/Start/Pause/Unpause Outputs and OutputGroups
  • Elemental : ‘URL’ instead of ‘IPAddress’
  • Elemental : Now requires Live 2.10 or later
  • Elemental: Proxy authentication added
  • Facebook: First release
  • Lua: Pass tables to Helm functions
  • Lua: Helm functions can return values to Lua

HELM V4.3.0.6 - 24-NOV-2016
  • Fix: Theming of Font styles (Bold/Italic/Underscore) didn’t work on certain components.
  • Theming of Table HeaderFont now defaults to Table’s standard font.
  • Add: OnClick and OnRelease to Faders (e.g. for Shuttle controls)
  • Add: Cue and Jog script actions for Harmonic Spectrum
  • Fix accidental re-theming of reoot panel when loading panel files.
  • Fix missing “T” from certain component names
  • Fix default text for Labels
HELM V4.3.0.5 - 21-NOV-2016
  • Elemental : Add “Put” command (for updating event)
  • Elemental : Add EventXML Property (read-only)  to read/modify all event parameters
  • Output Selector : Add SourceLabels property to allow current sources to be shown per output.
  • Themes : Fix “TextTop” and “TextLeft” properties
  • Themes: Root Panel in systheme.txt was borderless
Older Release Notes

HELM V4.3.0.4 – 13-NOV-2016

  • Fix: Crash when starting Helm runtime with certain panels

HELM V4.3.0.2 – 9-NOV-2016

  • Beta: Web Panel support
  • Fix: Improved compatibility with certain panels
  • Add: Elemental Live support
  • Add: VLC Player window
  • Add: Improved Theming system
  • Fix : Runtime closes properly panel can’t be opened.
  • Add: Clockwork Sequencer
  • Add: Kramer 3000 and 2000 protocol support
  • Add: RatsNest router graphic
  • Fix: Improved SNMP walking

HELM V4.2.0 – 20-JUL-2015

This version introduces significant changes and improvements to Lua scripting support.

  • Add: direct access to objects, properties and methods without need for helm.set/helm.exec
  • Add: helm.set and helm.exec allow tables of device names
  • Change: Lua 5.1 now uses separate DLL, giving compatibility with many more Lua binary packages
  • Add: full LuaSocket library now provided
  • Change: Lua DLLs and source files now use standard search paths
  • Add: PollInterval property exposed for all relevant devices
  • Add: Midi support for NoteOn/NoteOff commands (e.g. Novation Launchpad)
  • Add: Midi �SendMessage� command for constructing and sending any Midi message
  • Add: Kramer 3000 Protocol router
  • Add: Table control, with integration for Databases and Server clip lists
  • Add: �Hover� graphics for buttons.
  • Add: ClockWork schedules can now automatically persist to a file.

HELM V4.1.5.0 – 30-MAR-2015

  • Add: RouterBus/ButtonBus: All buttons with caption “-” are automatically disabled
  • Fix: RouterBus: Changing SignalGroup should not affect all routerbuses
  • Fix: Assorted fixes for GVG Router Control
  • Add: Panel Resize command to destructively resize a panel in Designer
  • Change: Thumbnail/ImageBrowser/ImagePicker : “Imagestore” property is now called “Branding Device”
  • Change: IS750Router: Component is now called “BrandingRouter”
  • Fix: Crash if editing scripty which referred to a missing component
  • Fix: Auto-complete in Script Editor is now disabled
  • Add: BarnFind One as specific device
  • Fix: Setting IP Address only affects primary device if a shadow device is assigned
  • Add: Theme mechanism changed to allow multiple “cascaded” themes. “theme.txt” is a system theme and should not be modified by users. (in particular, new installs may overwrite it) If “usertheme.txt” is present it can augment/replace valuesfrom the system theme.
  • Add: ListBox: Filter property allows items to be filtered with wildcard
  • Fix: ListBox works correctly with Name/Value pairs
  • Add: Panels can be saved/loaded as XML files
  • Add: Utah Scientific Router support
  • Fix: Browser: Correct column width for VsReport style.
  • Fix: Harmonic Spectrum: Handle empty dirtector address correctly
  • Add: Lua : Allow wild-card component names with helm.set()
  • Add: Harmonic Spectrum: Recue and  Refresh functions and TimecodeCountdown property.
  • Fix: Harmonic ChannelPort: Fix thumbnails for dual branding SD/HD systems
  • Add: Harmonic ChannelPort: Support for internal front-end router
  • Fix: Update Group Selectors when changes received from Router
  • Add: BringToFront and SendToBack commands for visual ordering
  • Add: RouteMaster device

HELM V4.1.3.2 – 23-OCT-2014

  • Fix: Corrected runtime version number
  • Fix: Potential hang when closing panels
  • Add: lua function : helm.getDataSource(device, sourceName) for reading datasources
  • Fix: RouterBus : Setting ArmedInput to disabled buttons is now blocked
  • Add: RouterBus: CurrentInput can be set with the bus’s button number to make a route

HELM V4.1.3.1 – 14-OCT-2014

  • Fixed: bug when exiting panel with disconnected devices, esp. routers
  • Imagine IconStation – support both UTF-8 and UTF-16 modes
  • Fixed : memory leak when calling Lua scripts
  • Added ListBox visual control
  • Added “ClipIndex” property for Harmonic Spectrum
  • Added “UnloadClip” function  for Harmonic Spectrum
  • Four Voiceover support for Imagestore.
  • Fix: Five-second connect timeout on TCP devices
  • Blackmagic Smartview control (experimental)
  • Fix for assigning strings to properties in scripts
  • GVG Kaleido – bug fixes
  • GVG iControl/Densite : fix bug with disconnected devices
  • Clockwork : Added “AddEventDelayed” function

HELM V4.1.2.4 – 1-AUG-2014

  • New StretchMode property for Images and Root Panel – allows many different image stretch modes
  • Automatic text wrap for labels and buttons
  • Root Panel color will show through if transparent image is used as background
  • TickColor property for audiio meter
  • FrameColor property for Thumbnails
  • Fix for floating-point properties in locales where decimal separator is not ‘.’
  • Fix Thumbnail’s ImageName getting cleared when mode was “ShowSelected”

HELM V4.1.2.1 – 5-JUNE-2014

  • Added SecondaryTrack property for improved fader visuals
  • Fix crash when opening panels for editing from windows
  • File paths referenced from theme are now relative to theme file
  • Sierra Aspen control – bug fixes
  • Fix crash when debugging lua scripts
  • Fix hang when asttempting connection to missing Probel routers
  • Fix for Harris Iconstation driver
  • Allow theming of Root Panel
  • Stretch property of Root Panel now available

HELM V4.1.1.0 – 7-MAY-2014

  • Rebranded with 2014 Rascular logo etc
  • Add Probel General Switcher multi-level support. Uses level sizes reported by router if supported
  • Add “ArmedInput” property for Router Buses
  • Add “OnCloseUp” event for DropDown controls. Triggered when dropdown ‘closes’
  • Add Sierra Video Aspen router support (preliminary)
  • Add Miranda Densite support
  • Router Input/Output/Level names can now be rewritten from scripts
  • Fix Helm Runtime crash when theme graphics can’t be found
  • Fix rare Helm Runtime startup crash

HELM V4.1.0.5 – 19-MAR-2014

HELM V4.1.0.2 – 05-FEB-2014

  • Font Styles and offsets exported to web panels
  • Fix for Axon enumeration crash in

HELM V4.1.0.1 – 24-JAN-2014

  • Font Opacity/PointSize/Color and name properties now scriptable for all components.

HELM V4.1.0.0 – 20-JAN-2014

  • Added LevelSelector, OutputGroupSelector and InputGroupSelector controls for routers
  • Allow multiple rows for Router Busses, etc.
  • Updated designer colour scheme
  • �Theming� support for default controls
  • �Long click� on Output selectors can now Lock/Unlock the output.
  • Lock and protect tallying for dummy router
  • Lock and protect support for Sublime routers
  • Panel Export for routemaster changed to match RouteMaster V1.0RC
  • Fix for problem with WebBrowsers not working under Helm Runtime
  • Fixed Font opacity

HELM V4.0.6.9 – 26-Nov-2013

  • Fix for using LGK with Helm�s IS750 driver
  • Patch to Indy for faster TCP/IP Connections
  • Cache image directories for faster imagepickers, etc.
  • Fix selection bugs with hidden controls and component filter
  • �Select Similar� ignores hidden components
  • Fix redraw issues in designer when Visible=false at design-time
  • Fix crash while closing panels using JLCooper controllers
  • Fix Probel General Remote startup bug when router has multiple levels
  • TCP/Serial devices (eg JL Cooper) can be set �Closed� at design time, preventing unwanted connection
  • Fix for moving/positioning Web Browsers in designer.

HELM V4.0.6.7 – 1-Nov-2013

  • Root Panel : Add �Log� command
  • Added Blackmagic Videohub support
  • UI : Major changes to panel redrawing � please report any issues
  • JLCooper : Queue all commands via separate thread for speed
  • Designer :Fix error when no valid favourites file
  • Clockwork: Fix crash if engine not linked to manager
  • Designer : Component filter now doesn�t break Z-ordering
  • Thumbnails : Fix crash setting �Imagestore� property

HELM V4.0.6.6 – 27-Sep-2013

  • Routers: Temporarily Remove LPR inquiry from NV9000
  • Image : Use browser thumbnail if file format is not recognized
  • Root Panel : Description property
  • Axon : Fix for string properties modifying property #0
  • Make default router input/output names shorter
  • Flag errors with device/property names in lua scripts
  • Clockwork : Event Types dialog now resizeable
  • Script Editor : adjustable tab widths
  • Script Editor : Use tabs instead of space characters
  • Script Editor : fix occasional crash
  • Routemaster : Exports router panels as WebPanels (alpha)

HELM V4.0.6.5 – 28-Aug-2013

  • Routers: Corrected TakeRoute and Copyoutput script bug from
  • Dropdowns : Prevent circular updates
  • Indicator : Allows empty pictures
  • Omneon : Available players now listed in dropdown
  • Omneon : Clip progress property
  • Omneon : Player state property now works correctly

HELM V4.0.6.4 – 22-Aug-2013

  • RootPanel: Fixed RootPanel.Exit problem
  • Designer: Added component filter
  • TCP/Serial connection dialog : restructured
  • Sublime Router: Fixed TCP reconnection issue
  • Axon : Handle ErrorStatus for null connections

HELM V4.0.6.3 – 16-Aug-2013

  • Routers: Handle lock/protect out of range
  • Remove old debug

HELM V4.0.6.2 – 16-Aug-2013

  • Axon : ErrorStatus and onError/onErrorCleared were not working
  • RootPanel : Added OnAfterDisconnect event for final shutdown script.

HELM V4.0.6.1 – 15-Aug-2013

  • Clockwork : Event type colors now used correctly
  • Clockwork : Manager View is now sortable via all columns
  • Modular : Address problem loading files containing unnamed objects
  • Installer : Check during install process for valid support license.
  • Panel Files : Speed-up when using debug format files (internal)

HELM V4.0.6.0 – 8-Aug-2013

  • Visual Controls: added OnPropertyChange event for Labels
  • Clockwork: New �Event types� dialog in designer
  • Clockwork: Fixed �Repeat� not being saved in ckxml
  • Clockwork: Parameters can now be configurted as Int, String, Enums
  • Clockwork: Added LoadSchedule, saveSchedule and AddEvent script functions.
  • Clockwork: Added Event copy and paste
  • Clockwork: Allow deletion of multiple events.
  • Axon: Prevent splitting of property names containing forward slashes
  • TCP/IP devices: Fix for infrequent �already connected� problem.

HELM V4.0.5.3 – 15-July-2013

  • Visual Controls: Added Indicator control (still experimental at this point)
  • Clockwork: Fixed crash using Clockwork in runtime panels

HELM V4.0.5.2 – 27-June-2013

  • Nvision : Fix for lock and protect
  • NVision : Lock and protect tallying
  • RouterBus : New LockIcon property for overlayed image on locked/protected buses
  • OutputSelector : New LockIcon property for overlayed image on locked/protected buses

HELM V4.0.5.1 – 24-June-2013

  • Help : Link to support website
  • Help : Helm Manual included in installer (and available from helm menu)
  • Help : Device reference help included in installer
  • Help : Context-sensitive help via F1 key for devices on panel and in parts bin.
  • Nvision : Fix for lock and protect bug
  • RollCall : Uses supervisor mode for connection to get additional properties
  • RollCall : Card status display fixed (supervisor mode)
  • Lua : Added Lua sqllite bindings
  • RootPanel : Dynamically add panel components via scripting
  • RootPanel : added ForceCrash command for debugging scripts
  • RouterBus, RadioGroup : buttonWidth and buttonHeight properties for easy button resizing
  • RouterBus : �Armed� Image could not be changed.
  • Routerbus : Allow arm and taske to work correctly with group maps
  • Clockwork : Colour-coding for events
  • Clockwork : minor bug fixes

HELM V4.0.4.6 – 10-May-2013

  • Script Editor : Window position/size now preserved
  • Routers : Fix problem with Output Selectors combined with GroupMap
  • Dropdown : Fix for Name/Value pairs with property links
  • Axon : Fix for partially filled racks
  • Clockwork : Support four parameters
  • Clockwork : Fix popup menu bugs
  • Clockwork : Fix crash if engine not configured
  • Clockwork : Event Repeat type not loaded correctly

HELM V4.0.4.5 – 30-MAR-2013

  • Modular : Can now select frame IP, and slot dynamically
  • JL Cooper : Rackshot frame IP can be set dynamically

HELM V4.0.4.4

  • Imagestore : Added DSKn_Image propertiesImagestore :
  • Imagestore: Added DSKn_Imagechanged events
  • Thumbnail: added ImageChanged event
  • Radio Buttons : Fixed some edge cases with enum names

HELM V4.0.4.3 Released 28-FEB-2013

  • Channelport : Support for thumbnail previews of H264/FLV, etc when Windows explorer thumbnailing is available. Requires 3rd party K-Lite codec pack
  • VDCP: Support of Unicode clip names

HELM V4.0.4.2 – 14-FEB-2013

  • RollCall : remove duplicated name portions in certain properties �eg �System/System/Setup� becomes �/System/Setup�
  • RollCall : improved heuristic for determining names of enumeration types
  • RollCall : send SP_IAM packets to prevent session termination
  • Clockwork : first customer release

HELM V4.0.4.0 – 7-FEB-2013

  • Rollcall : Prevent cyclical enumeration of menus on some older cards
  • Clockwork : added as experimental device

HELM V4.0.3.9 – 1-FEB-2013

  • Added Expand all/Collapse all to script editor
  • Rollcall : Enumerates frames over Net bridges
  • Rollcall : Ignore panels, etc during enumeration
  • Rollcall : Use hex notation for board addresses
  • Rollcall : Reading property value via Lua could fail first time
  • Imagestore : added MixerState and MixerPreviewState properties
  • Imagestore : OnError/OnErrorClear handled correctly
  • Imagestore : Thumbnail images cleared when unit with blank addrees is selected
  • Designer : Improved speed of closing panels
  • Routers : Support for Arm and Take via Routerbus
  • Scripting : Color properties can now be set correctly from scripts

HELM V4.0.3.1 – 15-OCT-2012

  • Improved layer selection for Thumbnail controls in Designer
  • Moved Thumbnail,Browser/ImagePicker to �Branding� tree.
  • Fixed Intuition Keyer control issues
  • Script editor displays object and script name
  • Unicode strings from Lua now work correctly
  • Support for Imagestore media files with Unicode names
  • Fix for multiple PCS Emulators on same panel

HELM V4.0.3.0 – 24-SEP-2012

  • Enhanced Omneon Spectrum control
  • Omneon ChannelPort support
  • �Select Similar� designer function
  • Designer brings focussed comonent into view
  • Button stretching now preserves edge and corner details.
    # Fix for Axon crash on enumeration
    # Fix for IS750 shuffle/gain presets
  • Initial OpenGear support

HELM V4.0.1.1 – 13-JUL-2012

  • Added property link descriptions
  • Fixed image browser bugs
  • Bug submissions direct to Fogbugz
  • Imagestore PreviewMode now hidden in designer

HELM V4.0.0.2 beta

  • First public beta of Helm 4.

HELM V4.0.0.6 beta

  • Fixed a variety of RollNet issues
  • Added Lua Debug and stack traces on load and runtime errors
  • Added global Logging Level parameter

HELM V4.0.0.8 beta

  • Fixed EEFACE exception with Imagestore driver

HELM V4.0.0.9 beta

  • Corrected file save problem with non-default parameters

Helm Sample Panels

Here are various sample Helm panels to show how devices and visual controls work together:

Icon of Application Panels Application Panels

    ExtConfigPanel (0.9 MiB)
    Panel example that is configured by an external Lua file.
    HelmIdleDemo (0.9 MiB)
    demo panel showing the use of helm.idle()
    IS750-master (1.1 MiB)
    Sample panel showing Helm Master Control application for IS750.
    LGK-master (1.1 MiB)
    Sample LGK3901 Master Control panel
    Multitake (97 KiB)
    Helm sample panel showing how to implement user-programmable router salvos.
    PnlConfig (2 KiB)
    External lua config file for use with ezample panel ExtConfig.helm
    Router Pick (1.3 MiB)
    Routerbus source dynamic assignment.

Icon of Device Panels Device Panels

Icon of Helm Panels Helm Panels

    Salvo Demo (67 KiB)
    Demo panel showing salvo triggering

Icon of Visual Controls Visual Controls

    Button Sample (1.3 MiB)
    Panel illustrating all the different kinds of buttons
    Table Dataset Example (0.9 MiB)
    Sample panel showing how to connect a Table with an Excel file using the SQL Dataset device
    Table Lua Example (0.9 MiB)
    Example of how to use lua to put and get data with Helm Table control
    Text Sample (0.8 MiB)
    A panel showing different kinds of text controls
    Time-format-panel (0.9 MiB)
    Example of different custom timer format strings and their results.