WebCentre Downloads

WebCentre Software Downloads

V2.4.0 - 27-JUN-2022
  • Add: Localization support
  • Add: Upgrade to Bootstrap5
  • Add: RouterBus and OutputSelector can control multiple outputs
  • Add: RouterBus `SetSignalGroup`
  • Add: Source Name display on OutputSelectors

From 2.3.8 beta:

  • Add: ShowError,ShowInformation and ShowWarnig commands for Root panel
  • Add: Disabled and Hover images for buttons
  • Add: REST client device support
  • Fix: Button to invalidate/randomize API key
  • Fix: CSS for HLS Video windows
  • Add: Support WSS for RouteMaster Websockets
  • Fix: Property Links for Labels

V2.3.7 - 10-MAR-2021
  • Updated: Webpack build, etc.
  • Add: “Update Database” shortcut for migration
  • Add: Bulk tally support for RouteMaster
  • Fix: Images on scaled webpanels had fine lines
  • Add: GetSource and other commands for router control

V2.3.6 - 16-SEP-2020
  • Add get/setUserdata API calls
  • Fix Elemental API race condition
  • Add HG._User, HG._Panel
  • Fix helm.exec() missing parameters
  • Laravel 8
  • Lua JSON module auto-loaded

V2.3.0 - 20-MAY-2020
  • Add WebDAV support
  • Panels in PUBLIC role can be accessed wwithout login
  • Panel URLs can use panel name instead of ID
  • Fix missing database on fresh installations
  • Panel security improved
  • Update PHP to 7.3
  • Update to Laravel 7, WebPack 4, etc.

V2.1.8 - 23-JUL-2019
  •  Update PHP to 7.3
  • Update Laravel to 5.8
  • Minor internal changes

V2.1.3 - 13-DEC-2018
  • Fix issues with Group Selectors
  • Fix ListBox CSS
  • Add SetText method for TextField (legacy. “Text” property is preferred )
  • Change Log now uses accordiion style

V2.1.2 - 6-DEC-2018
  • Requires valid WebCentre license file. Contact Rascular if you don’t have one
  • License details shown in configuration page
  • Support Lua Scripting in WebPanels (Fengari)
  • Alerts for panel scripting errors and exceptions.
  • Internal testing
  • Faster panel deletion
  • “Send Feedback” for reporting bugs
  • Better Router support from scripts
  • Scripting Reference documentation enhanced
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements

V2.1.0 - 24-SEP-2018
  • Elemental Audio metering and gain support
  • Truncate router busses correctly
  • Installs VC2017 redistributable for PHP
  • Added UserData
  • Panel Creator and creation date added
  • Fix for broken interlocking buttons
  • OnDropdown event now fires