Controlling ViewMaster VR with Elgato Stream Deck

ViewMaster VR can be controlled remotely via a simple REST API. This means it’s easy to use with Elgato Stream Deck and Bitfocus Companion.

Full details of the REST API and available commands is available on Postman.

Bitfocus Companion

If you’re using Companion, the first step is to add a Connection for sending generic HTTP commands.

Configure the connection with the URL of the RouteMaster system with a '/api' suffix. The base URL is shown in your browser when using ViewMaster’s Web Control  page.

Now, add a button with a press action of HTTP POST for the Connection you’ve just added.

To load a preset, we use the loadPreset URL, and a JSON body setting “name” to the required preset.

Stream Deck App

If you’re not using Companion, you can configure commands using the Stream Deck application – but to send HTTP POST commands you’ll need a plugin to enable this. We’ve use the API Ninja plugin from but other suitable plugins are available.

You can install it directly from the Elgato marketplace:

Once installed, you configure the request in a similar way as above, using the URL and JSON payload.