Using Nevion Sublime hardware panels with RouteMaster

Because RouteMaster supports the Nevion MRP protocol used for Sublime routers, you can use Nevion control panels like the SL-16XY-CP to control RouteMaster routing.

マルチバス 16×16 コントロールパネル|放送業務用 映像・音声機器の開発、製造、販売はコスミックエンジニアリング

The setup process is fairly straightforward, but requires Nevion’s Configurator software to set up the panel.

Enabling Sublime protocol in RouteMaster

The only change needed to RouteMaster is to enable the Sublime protocol client in the Client Configuration screen. Make sure the port is set to the default value of 4381.

Building a System with Nevion Configurator

The following example uses Nevion Configurator 4.8.3, but should not change significantly for other versions. We’ll start from an empty “System” and add the RouteMaster device and the panel.

Adding the RouteMaster system

Because Nevion Configurator can’t “discover” RouteMaster automatically, we add it manually by right-clicking in the main screen and selecting “Add device manually”.

  • Set the device type to Sublime, and enter the RouteMaster’s IP address.  Hostname is just a descriptive name, and the MAC address , subnet mask and gateway fields must be completed even though the values don’t appear to be relevant.
  • In the “modules” section, add “Router” modules for each level of the RouteMaster system being controlled, with the appropriate size.
  • Click OK, and you can then drag the RouteMaster device from “Unconfigured devices” onto the system diagram.

  • To check that RouteMaster is correctly configured, right-click on it and select “Properties”. You can now click the button in the “Verify” column to check that TCP/IP comms are working correctly.

Adding the Control Panel to the system

The control panel should automatically be detected and shown in “Unconfigured devices”, and you can just drag it onto the System Diagram. (If it’s not shown, check it’s not already configured as part of a different system.)

Mapping the Buttons

The final stage is to assign functions to each button on the control panel. Double-click the panel in the system diagram to see it’s configuration, then select “Modify” to assign functions to buttons.

The button editor allows you to assign functions to each control panel button. Some functions like “Panel Enable” and “A/V Toggle” are mandatory, but the main switching buttons must be configured to represent inputs and outputs, by dragging from “Levels” lists. See the Nevion Configurator manual and online help for futher details.

Finally,  Upload the configuration to the control panel. Once you’ve done that everything should work – but make sure the “Panel Enable” light on the Nevion panel is green, otherwise the panel is locked!

You can use RouteMaster’s View Client Info to check the connection status.

Salvos and Sublime Panels

Sublime control panels can be configured to fire salvos with a single button press. The sources, destinations and levels switched are all manually configured in the Nevion Configurator.

Unfortunately, this capability cannot easily be used with RouteMaster, because when RouteMaster is manually added to the Nevion system as above, the router level is set to 16. It’s possible to change this to the correct value of 1 by manually editing the Nevion XML configuration file before you build the salvo, but this approach is not supported by Nevion, so we do not recommend it.