Pro-Bel SW-P-02 Implementation notes

Pro-Bel SW-P-02  (General Switcher) protocol for router control is supported in Helm, RouteMaster and RouteMaster VR

RouteMaster uses the protocol for both outgoing and incoming connections, allowing third-party systems using SW-P-02 to control RouteMaster.  Helm uses it for outgoing connections to control routers.

Because it does not support name transfer, it’s less commonly used than Pro-Bel SW-P-08 protocol

Level Addressing

SW-P-02 has no concept of levels. However, Helm and RouteMaster both automatically map high-numbered destinations to higher levels, based on the router size. For example, if you configure a router with 32 outputs and 2 levels,  outputs 32 to 63 –  as sent via the protocol – are used to represent the second level.   Only the destination numbers have this mapping – source numbers are unchanged.

Supported and Required  Commands

This table details the commands used for outgoing connections, and the commands supported for incoming connections.

Command Outgoing Incoming Notes
CONNECT, CONNECTED Yes Yes RouteMaster sends CONNECTED to all clients when matrix state changes
ROUTER CONFIGURATION REQUEST Yes Yes Used to determine size of router being controlled

Extended Commands

Extended versions of the INTERROGATE, CONNECT commands and their replies are supported