RouteMaster: Licensing

Two factors determine the licenses you require for RouteMaster

The number of simultaneous client connections
Each RouteMaster license specifies a number of simultaneous clients that the system can accept. Each Web panel or Helm panel that is open, and each RS-232/422 connection or TCP/IP socket connection into RouteMaster counts as one client. Connections from RouteMaster to the controlled router are not counted.

Client licenses are available for 8, 16, 32 and 64 clients. Additional licenses can be purchased later to support extra clients.

The number of sources and destinations on the router
Basic RouteMaster supports routers up to 64×64. Additional licenses are available for routers up to 256×256, and routers above this size.

RouteMaster license files are installed by copying them into the appropriate application directory. For RouteMaster, this is typically C:/Program Files/Rascular/RouteMaster.

If no valid license file is installed, RouteMaster will operate in a ‘Demo’ mode, with only the Dummy Router available. All client protocols can still be used and evaluated.