RouteMaster: Router Mapping

RouteMaster lets you alter the relationship between the physical crosspoints on your router and the virtual crosspoints managed by RouteMaster. What do we mean by this?

Let’s say we have a 64×64 router, but we want to only allow control of sources 10-17 and destinations 32-47.   We use mapping to redefine the router size as 8 x16, and add offsets of 10 to the source and 32 to the destination.

Now if a control panel requests to route Source 5 to Destination 2, we actually route source 5 to destination 34.

Using the Mapping tab,  select Enable Mapping (1). Then you can set offsets for source, destination and level (2), and  change the mapped size of the router (3). These features are particularly useful with Stack Routers where several physical routers are controlled together.

Bidirectional Mode

This is a mode required for certain specialized router configurations. When this mode is enabled, routing Source X to Destination Y causes a corresponding route from Source Y to Destination X to be made.