RouteMaster : Managing Web Panels

RouteMaster’s Web Panels can be found in the folder C:\ProgramData\Rascular\WebPanels.

When panels are published to RouteMaster, a new folder containing the panel assets is created here. The folder name is the name of the panel that was published.

You can remove and rename panel folders, and move them into sub-folders which can be accessed directly from the web panel ‘index’ screen.

RouteMaster comes with a small selection of pre-built panels. If you have purchased Helm Designer, you can build and publish your own panels to RouteMaster or WebCentre.

The attachment below contains a selection of additional sample panels, including 32×32,48×48 and 64×64 XY panels with Arm and Take option. Unzip the file into C:\ProgramData\Rascular\WebPanels and the panels will be available for use with RouteMaster.