RouteMaster: Overview

Rascular’s RouteMaster is a multi-protocol router control system.

It allows control of any Audio/Video router from third-party control systems, PCs, tablets and mobile devices with a wide choice of control protocols.-

You can create virtual panels using Rascular’s Helm Designer software and access these panels using a standard web browser.

By breaking down the barriers of communication between router systems from different manufacturers, RouteMaster gives you a lot more choices in configuring your router system. Here are some examples:

  • You want to expand your router without being locked in to your existing manufacturer.
  • You want to expand your router but the upheaval of re-wiring is too much. RouteMaster lets you put the new router in and control both routers as one.
  • You have an old router left over from a previous upgrade and you’d like to control it from the new system. RouteMaster lets the old router talk the new protocol.
  • You have a lot of clients like edit suites etc. that need occasional router control facilities but the cost of hardware panels is prohibitive. RouteMaster’s web panels allow you to control your router from a standard browser.

RouteMaster comes in three different variants

  • RouteMaster – as described above.
  • RouteMaster VR – All the features of RouteMaster, plus the ability to route  – and monitor -NewTek NDI video.
  • RouteMaster VR Lite – Entry-level, NDI-only version of RouteMaster VR. This has a separate manual here.

This manual describes the installation, configuration and operation of the RouteMaster software.