RouteMaster: Using the “Classic Grid” UI

Making Routes

When RouteMaster is running you can make routes directly from the main screen, using the “Classic Grid” UI.

  • Determine the output and level you wish to change.
  • Click on the current input cell to see a drop-down list of all available inputs.
  • Select a new input from the list.
  • Finally, press return or click outside the drop-down to confirm.

Locking and Unlocking outputs

To lock, potect or unlock an output, right-click on the output’s cell, and select the operation from the drop-down menu. The cell colour will change to reflect the new state.

The cell background colour changes to reflect the new state.

The behaviour of lock and protect varies between routers. RouteMaster uses the router’s native lock and protect mechanisms, which will depend on the router being controlled.

Firing Salvos

If the router supports salvos – or if salvos have been configured in RouteMaster – you can fire a salvo directly from the UI.

Right-click on the background, and select “Fire Salvo”. A sub-menu showing all the available salvos will appear.