RouteMaster: Using Web Panels

As well as using Helm panels (or any other source of router control commands) RouteMaster also has its own native web sockets based protocol. It acts as a web server and can serve panels as web-pages to any standard web browser.

RouteMaster comes with some sample web panels already built-in. In our stand-alone test configuration you can see these by browsing to the loopback address once you have RouteMaster running.

If you click on a panel you activate the panel and switch crosspoints. Let’s take a look at the Sample 12×12 XY  panel. Clicking on an output shows you what input is currently routed to it, clicking in the Input Selection area you can switch crosspoints on the currently selected output.

Web panels have live communication with RouteMaster so they are constantly updated. If communication is lost for any reason the panel notifies you immediately.