Control of AJA Kumo routers

AJA Kumo routers can be controlled using Grass Valley Native protocol over TCP/IP from Helm, RouteMaster and RouteMaster-VR.

Kumo routers only support a subset of GVG native commands. RouteMaster and Helm automatically detect Kumo routers, and adapt to only use the available commands.

Kumo control panels use an AJA proprietary protocol (NOT GVG Native) to control Kumo routers. Therefore – unlike many other compact router panels – it’s not possible to use Kumo control panels to directly control RouteMaster systems.

When controlling Kumo routers, please note the following:-

Single Line names

Kumo allows each source and destination to have a name split over two lines. However, only the top line is accessible via GVG Native, so the bottom line text is ignored.

Unique Names

Source and Destinations must have unique names. And because of the single line issue above, the names MUST be unique on the top line.  If the names are not unique, the router crosspoint status will not be correctly shown, and locking/unlocking destinations will not operate.

In the example below, Destinations 1 and 2 share identical top names, also 3 and 4. Don’t do this!

One-based numbering

GVG Native protocol specifies the use of zero-based numbering for indexes, but KUMO uses one-based. RouteMaster uses zero-based numbering internally, so to compensate for this you should use RouteMaster’s ‘mapping’ function as follows.

Set the router destinations and sources to be one more than the actual router size. So, for a KUMO1616 you would specify the physical size to be 17 x 17.

Use RouteMaster mapping controls to map a 16×16 router starting at source 1, destination 1.

You can now control the router as a 16×16 router, with indices starting at zero.

Slow Tally at Start-up

When RouteMaster or Helm connects to a KUMO router the entire cross-point state can take a while to be retrieved – Typically one second per destination.

During this time cross-point status will not be accurately displayed. Similarly, if a destination is locked or unlocked by another control panel, this will not be immediately reflected in RouteMaster.