Commander-IS can run on any of the Microsoft Windows family of Operating Systems, but Rascular recommend Windows 7 or XP due to their robust networking support and enhanced support for international scripts. There are no specific processor or memory requirements.

For connection to Imagestore on a 10Base-T Ethernet network, a 10/100 Ethernet card is typically required, as is a basic knowledge of configuring TCP/IP networks. Configuration of Ethernet cards and TCP/IP networking is outside the scope of this manual.

For connection to Imagestores using serial ports, Windows-compatible COM port drivers must be installed. Standard COM1: and COM2: ports can be used, connected to the Imagestore RS-232 automation port, or multi-port adapters such as Comtrol’s RocketPort range can also be used. Commander-IS is also compatible with the Addenda Electronics Rosetta Stone RS-422 adapater.

Software Upgrades for Miranda Imagestore products are available from the Miranda website at We strongly recommend you download and install the latest compatible software for your Imagestores in order to get the full benefit of Commander-IS.

Compatibility with Classic Imagestores (vxworks-based systems)

Imagestore 1 units (white-front units) can be controlled via RS422 or RS232, but only basic keyer and fade-to-black functions will operate.

Imagestore 2, 2u and 3 units work best when running firmware V2.11 or later. Swap-preview and cascade mode are supported. With IS-3, Commander-IS allows full control of the MPEG clip playout subsystem.

The following restrictions are known to apply to specific Imagestore versions.

With firmware V2.10 Easytext operation is more limited. Datasources and straps are not supported, and only small quantities of text (<256 chars) may be placed in a box. Drop shadow, tracking and background cannot be correctly controlled.

Firmware Versions 2.09 or earlier must use RS232 or RS422 serial communications at 19200 baud. These versions do not support the ‘New Audio Model’, so no control of Easysound or Easyplay is possible. In addition, audio and video tallies will not operate.

Logostore units can be controlled using serial control. The set of features which work will depend on the firmware and licenses installed.

Imagestore Solo works as IS2, but can only be used in ‘Swap-Preview’ mode.

Playstore units can be controlled using serial control. The exact set of features which work will depend on the software version installed.

Easysound Stand-alone has not been tested with Commander-IS, but the audio facilities should operate correctly.

Sniper has not been tested, but should perform identically to Imagestore.

Easykey units cannot be controlled by Commander-IS.

Compatibility with New Generation Imagestores (linux-based systems)

Imagestore HDTV supports a subset of the Imagestore automation protocol commands, and has been successfully tested with Commander-IS. Please use the most recent Imagestore HD software for maximum compatibility.

Imagestore Intuition supports a subset of the Imagestore automation protocol commands, but with control of up to 16 layers. Commander gives control of all layers and SERIF CG control. Note that Intuition keyer architexture is very different from ‘classic’ Imagestores, so many functions on the Keyer control screen are not enabled.

Imagestore IS-300 and IS-300+ are fully supported by Commander-IS.

Imagestore IS-750 is fully supported by Commander-IS, with control of all four keyers, multiple fill/key inputs and enhanced voltage and health monitoring.