AB Mixer

The AB Mixer page is only available if the Imagestore has the MIX-2000 option installed.

The tallies on the To A and To B buttons always show the current state of the video mixer.

You can adjust the type of transition, and the transition rates before running the transition. You can also make ’manual’ transitions using the T-Bar control.

Note: Running transitions from this page, or using the T-Bar manually may cause conflicts with Presmaster master control systems.

For wipes, the wipe softness can be adjusted, and (with IS V2.11 or later software) the central colour of a V-Fade can be selected.

Commander-IS cannot determine the current rate from the Imagestore, so this is shown as default values when this page is first selected.

The Cut/Fade and Fade/Cut transitions are not supported as a native ‘mode’ by Imagestore – another system will see that the Imagestore is using V-Fade transitions.