Imagestore Control

Once you have double-clicked on an Imagestore to connect to it, you will be shown the main control page for the Imagestore. You can have several Imagestores ‘open’ at the same time.

You can also have several windows for the same Imagestore by opening it multiple times. This is useful if you want to have one page always shown (maybe audio metering) while you adjust parameters in other pages.

The title bar of the window shows the name and IP address of the unit being controlled.

The main control dialog is split into two sections. The smaller section at the top has displays and controls that apply to many of the Imagestore functions. If the background for this area is white, then the connection to the Imagestore is good. For Ethernet connections, this background will change to grey if the connection fails or is being re-established.

If you wish to manually re-establish the connection (possibly after an Imagestore restart or crash) you can click on the Reconnect .

At the top right of the window is an important area: The layer selector. Many of the other controls – particularly the Keyer, Easytext and BugClock pages work on the currently selected layer. For ‘swap-preview’ mode, this will show Program and Preview, but for cascade mode the layers available are MG (for Midground) and FG (Foreground)

For Imagestore Intuitions, all sixteen layers can be accessed using the layer selector.

Just below the top pane is the main ‘page selector’, which selects different sets of controls for each of the main operational areas of the Imagestore.