Squeezy DVE

Commander-IS greatly simplifies and speeds up the editing of DVE presets. The Run and Clear buttons can provide simple control of the DVE, and the preset number can be edited or changed in the top right.

The buttons numbered one to eight act as a DVE ‘shot-box’, giving quick access to presets one to eight.

To edit a preset, first enter its number ( or select it from the shot-box)  The display will show the extents of the squeeze effect – cropped areas are shown in white. Now unlock the preset for editing, by clicking on Lock Preset. You can now drag the preset around the screen to adjust the position, and use the slider bars at the bottom and right to adjust the size. Size and position can also be entered numerically. The Crops controls allow you to enter independent crop figures for each edge, or set symmetrical crops using the slider. As you make changes, both the Imagestore and the Commander-IS display update to show you the new effect.

You can use the Copy Preset and Paste Preset to duplicate presets, or use one preset as the basis for another.