Commander-IS menu reference



This exits Commander-IS, and saves any changes made to the Imagestore Manager list.

Save Setup

This saves any changes made to the Imagestore Manager list, and to the size and position of the Manager window .


Add Unit

Presents a dialog to add a new Imagestore to the Imagestore Manager.

Unit Properties…

Presents a dialog to edit the settings for an Imagestore in the Imagestore Manager.

Delete Unit

Deletes the selected Imagestore from the Imagestore Manager.


Calls up the preferences dialog for system-wide settings.



This connects to the selected Imagestore, and displays the main Imagestore control page. You can also connect to an Imagestore by double-clicking on it in the manager list.

Rescan Units

Rescans all units listed in the manager, and updates the status and configuration accordingly.

Find Imagestores

Scans a subnet to locate Imagestore units.



This displays the About Box, giving version numbers and licensing details. The About Box is also where software registration codes must be entered.