Registering Commander-IS

When Commander-IS is first installed, it will operate as an “Evaluation Copy”.

The evaluation copy allows you to view all the screens and dialogs of the software, but will not connect to the Imagestore to control it or to monitor its status. So you must register the software with Rascular in order to successfully control Imagestore units.

If you have purchased a site license for Commander-IS, you should install that as described on page 13 instead of registering the software.

When you register your copy of Commander-IS, these limitations are removed and the number of Imagestores you can control will depend on the license purchased.

You can tell if your version is correctly licensed from the ‘About Box’, which will display the number of Imagestores allowed or an “Evaluation Copy” message.

To register your copy, you will need the serial number of your software. This will be written on the CD label itself, or will be in an e-mail accompanying the software. There is space on the first page of this manual to record your serial numbers.

Click the ‘Register’ button in the ‘about box’. You will be shown the registration dialog, which looks like this.

Now enter the serial number, and click ‘Check’. You will see a message, and the Support Code will now be shown. The support code is unique to your PC and your serial number.

Now, contact Rascular Technology via email, Fax or telephone, quoting both the serial number and support code.

You will be given an Authorization code, which you should then enter into the dialog, and click ‘Check’. If the code is accepted, your ‘About’ box will now show the number of Imagestores licensed.

Moving Licenses to other PCs

If you need to move your license to another PC, you will require a new authorization code. Rascular will be happy to provide these for you.

Upgrading Software

If you install a newer version of Commander-IS on top of an earlier version, all your licensing details will be preserved.

Upgrading your License

If you wish to purchase additional licenses to control more Imagestores or to run the software on additional PCs, please contact Rascular, who will be able to issue upgraded license codes and additional serial numbers.

Temporary Licenses

If you want to evaluate the software fully with an Imagestore, Rascular can issue a time-limited license and serial number for Commander-IS.

Site Licenses

Site licenses are available for Commander-IS, allowing any number of Imagestores to be controlled from any number of PC’s running Commander-IS software. When a site license is purchased, a site license file will be delivered which must be copied onto each PC with Commander installed. This file – usually called Commander-IS.lice – should be placed in the same directory as the Commander application software. This is typically C:\Program Files\Rascular\Commander-IS\.

When a site license is installed, you do not need to perform the software registration described above, which simplifies the installation onto multiple PCs.