FTB and input setup

FTB Control

The FTB page is used to control and monitor the Imagestores’ “fade-to-black” (FTB) function, the video input selection for each input, and the bypass relay (if fitted).

The Imagestore has separate FTB units for each layer. The duration of the fade can be set using the slider or its associated numeric entry field. The fade rates are specified in fields.

The “LED tallies” on the FTB buttons always show the current state of the FTB units. A yellow LED means the fader is in-between the on and off positions. For the FTB, a red LED means that the fader is at black – preventing video from passing. When the FTB is turned off, the LED also turns off. This happens no matter how the FTB is controlled. If you control the FTB from the Imagestore’s front panel, you will see the Commander-IS LED change colour or state.

These tallies will always show the current state of the Imagestore, without requiring operator intervention.

You will see similar tallies used for keyers, the DVE, and the audio controls.

The transition rate sliders behave somewhat differently. They show the values currently set in the Imagestore, but are only updated when you switch to the relevant page. So, to cause the FTB transition sliders to reflect any changes made directly to the Imagestore, you should select another page (for example, Keyers), and then re-select the FTB page.

Input Setup

You can enable the input colour field generators on each input, by checking the check box for the input, and set up the colours used. To select a colour, click the colour box associated with the input. You will be shown a standard windows colour selection box.

You can select a new colour from the palette shown, or define a ‘custom’ colour.

Note: differences in gamma between TV monitors and your Windows PC will cause slight differences in colours between the two systems.

When you connect to an Imagestore, Commander-IS cannot determine the state of the bypass relay. The checkbox is therefore initially shown ‘greyed out’, meaning it could be in either state.