CastAway Web UI: Tools

The TOOLS page shows version and licensing information.

CastAway Web UI: NDI Manager

The NDI MANAGER page allows you to view and monitor all NDI sources on your network. A list of all known sources is shown, together with their status. Sources which are not currently active on the network are marked with a warning symbol. The list can be filtered by...

CastAway Web UI: Sources

The SOURCES page allows you to easily allocate NDI sources to CastAway’s input banks. CastAway supports 3 banks of 8 sources. Each bank can be named, and the names will show on the panel buttons. To assign a source, select the bank, and then use the dropdown...

CastAway Web UI: Transitions

The TRANSITIONS page allows you to view and configure the various fades and wipes that CastAway supports. Editing of custom transitions will be documented later.

CastAway Web UI: Graphics

The GRAPHICS page allows you to manage graphic assets on CastAway. Graphics can be added and deleted, repositioned and previewed. To add graphics to the system, choose a file and then click the UPLOAD button. JPG, PNG, TGA, BMP, PSD, GIF, HDR and PIC formats are...

CastAway Web UI: Mixer

The MIXER page allows you to configure the durations for Fast, Medium and Slow transitions. Rates are specified in seconds. Note that some transitions may use predefined speeds, where these values have no effect.