CastAway Web UI: Sources

The SOURCES page allows you to easily allocate NDI sources to CastAway’s input banks.

CastAway supports 3 banks of 8 sources. Each bank can be named, and the names will show on the panel buttons.

To assign a source, select the bank, and then use the dropdown SOURCE ID selector to locate the required source. CastAway panels will update dynamically to reflect the changes.

You can also adjust per-source settings from this page, using the EDIT button for the source.


A user-friendly label for the NDI source, replacing the NDI-generated name.

Aspect Ratio Correction

Each source has an aspect-ratio converter associated with it, which can operate in one of three modes

  • NONE – The image is scaled in both axes independently to fit the output resolution. For example, a 16×9 source when sent to a 4×3 output will appear squashed.
  • BOX: The image is scaled to fit the output resolution, but the pixel aspect ratio is preserved by adding ‘letterbox’ or ‘curtain’ borders to the image if required. All of the input image is visible on the output.
  • FIT: The image is scaled to fit the output resolution by scaling the image to fill the output screen.


Audio Trim

Each source has a separate audio trim level. This can be configured in the Web UI or changed dynamically from the panel


Each source can have a different rotation angle specified, of 0, 90, 180 or 270. This allows cameras to be used in portrait mode – ideal for social media video.


Each CastAway source has a built-in graphics inserter. If a logo is chosen here it will be attached to the source directly, and will follow any transitions used on the source, for example DVE moves