CastAway: Troubleshooting

CastAway Engine

The first stage of troubleshooting should be to check the operation of the CastAway engine, which processes the NDI video and audio.

When starting the CastAway engine, you should see a console output window and a video window which on initial installation will show black.

The console window will remain open while the engine is running. If it closes, it indicates that the engine has stopped

Check for NDI Video outputs

The engine should create two NDI output streams – “CastAway” and “CastAway PVW”.  You should be able to see the presence of these streams using a tool like NewTek’s NDI Studio Monitor. Initially the streams may just display black video and silence.

Check for API access

The CastAway engine is controlled by a REST API on port 887 as standard, and a WebSocket API on port 886

You can check the REST API by accessing http://localhost:887/info using any web browser. You should see a JSON  block showing license and version information.

CastAway Panel

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