CastAway Web UI: Graphics

The GRAPHICS page allows you to manage graphic assets on CastAway. Graphics can be added and deleted, repositioned and previewed.

To add graphics to the system, choose a file and then click the UPLOAD button. JPG, PNG, TGA, BMP, PSD, GIF, HDR and PIC formats are supported. Formats with alpha channels are recommended.

Animated graphics (a numbered sequence of files in a folder) cannot be loaded via the Web UI.

Editing Graphics

The EDIT button allows you to edit the position, size and opacity of a graphic, and preview the result.

The graphic is displayed over a moving checkerboard to allow you to assess transparency.

To adjust position and size, select SHOW POSITIONED and the graphic is shown against a full-screen image which can optionally have a safe-area overlay on it.

The LEFT, TOP and SCALE sliders allow to resize  and position the image as required.

If the graphic is currently active in a CastAway keyer, the changes will not take effect until it is re-loaded.