CastAway: Panel Operation

CastAway is normally controlled by the CastAway panel, a PC application which can run on the same computer as the CastAway engine, or remotely, using the REST API to control the engine.

Panel Overview

The panel follows a familiar layout, with Program and Preview video windows at the top, and source selection buttons at the base of the panel

Source Selection

Three banks of eight sources are available. Sources are allocated and configured via the Web UI. Sources can be selected directly to program, or to the preview for use with transitions.


A range of wipes and fades are available. at three different speeds. Select the transition and speed required, route the new video using the Preview bus, and press TAKE.

Your can rehearse transitions on the preview output wiothout affecting the program output using the PREVIEW TAKE button.

Keyer Control

CastAway has two independent graphics keyers. Use the dropdowns to select a graphic, and then either ARM them so they appear on the next TAKE, or turn the keyers on and off directly. Graphics are resized and positioned via the Web UI.

Source Settings

Audio Settings

Master output gain can be controlled, and the output instantly muted. A RESET button puts the gain back to zero dB.

You can monitor either Program or Preview audio via your PC’s sound system.

Command Line Options