CastAway Web UI: Settings

The SETTINGS page allows you to configure the output resolutions and other system-specific options. After making changes to this page, click UPDATE. Currently CastAway Engine must be manually shutdown and restarted before any changes to this page take effect.

System Name

Used to identify the CastAway system if multiple systems are installed.

Frame Rate

The frame rate of the generated video outputs.

Input Quality

Normally this should be left as FULL. Switching to PROXY allows you to evaluate CastAway on lower-resolution video feeds, with a less powerful PC.

Program and Preview Outputs

CastAway generates two NDI outputs – Program and Preview. The names of these can be specified, and the resolution for each can be selected. Custom resolutions can be selected as well as the standard broadcast formats.

Currently, the Preview resolution must be set to match the Program resolution, otherwise logos on Preview will not display correctly.


The number of output Audio channels and Sample Rate can be configured here.