Backup and Restore

Mediant’s Total Backup allows you to backup and restore entire Imagestore systems simply and quickly. As well as backing up image and media files, you can select to back up system files including GPI setups, Audio GPI files and even Imagestore software. To back up a device, first select it in the Device Manager, then choose Backup Device from the Tools menu.

The Selective Backup option allows you to choose which types of files and directories are to be backed up. If you leave this unchecked, then all files will be backed up.

Choose a directory to hold the backup by clicking the folder icon in the edit box showing the backup destination. If Append IP to directory name is checked, then the devices IP address will be appended to this directory. This makes it easy to backup and restore multiple devices without them overwriting each other’s data files.

To start the backup, click Backup. The backup will commence, and the backup transfers will run through the Mediant queuing system. Backup transfers are scheduled at a lower priority than manual transfers, so you can still move media manually to and from Imagestores (albeit more slowly) while a backup or restore is in progress. While the backup is in progress, the device will show the busy icon in the device manager.

Restores are performed in a very similar way, by selecting Restore Device from the tools menu.

Note that you can use backup and restore to move data and configuration from one Imagestore to another, but Mediant will not allow system files or software to be moved between incompatible devices.

When files are restored, their timestamp information is also correctly restored.