Network Problems

Most problems with Mediant are likely to be due to network access of Imagestore. If a Mediant panel fails to control your Imagestore, then it’s likely your network is not configured or cabled correctly.

A simple check is to confirm that the Imagestores or other network-controlled devices can be contacted via Ethernet using the ‘ping’ command from the DOS prompt. If this works, you should see something like this.

If the ‘ping’ fails for any reason, consider the following possible problems:

  • Imagestore does not have Ethernet license – All Imagestores have the RJ45 connector, but the license must be ordered from Miranda.
  • Failure to use 10/100 auto-switching hub between Imagestore and Mediant. (Imagestore must run at 10Mbits, while modern PCs typically run at 100 Mbits per second.
  • Cabling problems

If you are unsure of the Ethernet setup or cabling, or have systems supporting gateways, multiple networks, multiple IP addresses on a single PC, or other sophisticated networking techniques, then you should first consult your local PC administrator for advice.