Mediant is the Rascular’s branding media management tool for Miranda “Oxtel series” branding systems, delivering a new level of asset management to Imagestore systems. Using standard Windows tools and PC platforms, Mediant is a fast, simple and easy-to-use branding media management tool for Imagestore users.

Rascular’s specialist knowledge of the Imagestore platforms can be clearly seen in this new development. In addition to supporting the latest Imagestore platform, Mediant also supports legacy Imagestore devices.

New features – such as Total Backup (to backup and restore all media and system files) and Automatic Network Scan (to automatically detect new devices within the Imagestore network) – take media management for Imagestore systems to new levels.

Naturally, Mediant is only as powerful as the system it controls. In a few areas, limitations of the Imagestore media management protocols on early Imagestore software versions prevent Mediant from achieving total and seamless control. These cases are also noted in this manual.