Mediant can run on any of the Microsoft Windows family of Operating Systems, but Rascular recommend XP or Windows 7 due to their robust networking support and enhanced support for international scripts. There are no specific processor or memory requirements.

For connection to Imagestore networks, a 10/100/1000 Ethernet card is typically required, as is a basic knowledge of configuring TCP/IP networks. Configuration of Ethernet cards and TCP/IP networking is outside the scope of this manual.

Imagestore Compatibility

Software Upgrades for Miranda Imagestore products are available from the Miranda website at We strongly recommend you download and install the latest compatible software for your Imagestores in order to get the full benefit of Mediant.

Mediant is designed to work with all Miranda Imagestore units and firmware versions. However, it will work best when the Imagestore has the most recent firmware installed. It can be used with Imagestores running in either swap-preview or cascade mode, and can be used alongside other tools such as Miranda’s Media Conversion Software.

The following restrictions are known to apply to specific Imagestore versions.

“Classic” Imagestore range

Logostore, BugBurner and Easykey devices do not support network media transfers. Mediant will not operate with these devices.

Imagestore 1 devices can have factory-installed Ethernet network interfaces. Ethernet interfaces can be retrofitted on these models. Mediant V1.03 onwards includes improved support for these devices,

Imagestore 2,2u, Solo, Sniper and Playstore devices have Ethernet interfaces fitted as standard, but an Ethernet ‘license’ must be ordered from Miranda before they are enabled.

Imagestore 3 devices have Ethernet installed and enabled as standard. There is a second interface for MPEG clip transfers to the integral MPEG player. MPEG Clip transfer is not supported in Mediant.

EasySound “Standalone” devices have Ethernet interfaces fitted as standard, but an Ethernet ‘license’ must be ordered from Miranda before they are enabled.

“Modern” Imagestore range

Units in the “Modern” Imagestore range run Linux rather than VxWorks, and are not able to backup and restore the system files directories. However, they are capable of much faster transfer speeds, which Mediant supports.  All modern Imagestores have Ethernet as standard.

Imagestore HD
Mediant applies the correct Rec. 709 colour space conversions when converting RGB files to OXT for HD units.

Imagestore Intuition
With intuition family devices, the Template is separated from the underlying media files. Mediant can transfer both templates and associated media, but does not monitor or manage the linkage between them.

Imagestore 750
Mediant supports additional power, fan speed and temperature monitoring on IS-750 units, with configurable alarm limits. Video input signals can also be monitored.
Intuition XG units are not yet tested with this release. Please let us know any of problems related to use of Mediant and Imagestore XG.