Mediant Licenses

When Mediant is first installed, it will operate as an “Evaluation Copy”.

The evaluation copy allows you to view many of the screens and dialogs of the software, but will not connect to the Imagestores to view or transfer media. You must install a license in order to successfully transfer and browse media.

You will have received a license file from Rascular. This is normally emailed, or provided on a separate CD to the main application software. To install the license, place this file in the same directory as your copy of Mediant. This is typically C:\Program Files\Rascular\Mediant.

When you install a Mediant license, the software will operate fully. The number of Imagestores you can control will depend on the licenses purchased.

You can tell if your version is correctly licensed from the ‘About Box’, which will display information about each license installed, together with their expiry dates

Installing Licenses on other PCs

Mediant may be installed on as many PCs as required at your site, as long as the total number of Imagestores with which Mediant is used does not exceed the licensed quantity. You will need to install the provided license files on each PC.

Upgrading Software

If you install a newer version of Mediant on top of an earlier version, all your licensing details will be preserved.

Upgrading your License

If you wish to purchase additional licenses to control more Imagestores please contact Rascular, who will be able to issue an additional license file.

Temporary Licenses

If you want to evaluate the software fully with an Imagestore, Rascular can issue a time-limited license file for Mediant.