Main Screen Overview

ET-Updater’s main window is split into three panes. The upper –left pane displays a list of the locations being monitored, while the upper right pane shows the CG units and destinations.

The lower pane (if visible) contains a log showing error and status messages. You can switch the log window on and off using View Log in the Actions menu.

Below these two panes are the Run and Stop buttons, which control the operation of the program, and an animated “LED” icon which flashes green when the system is running.

You can adjust the boundaries between the panes by dragging the pane dividers. The divider positions (and the overall window size and position) are restored whenever the application is started.

When the program is first run, both panes will be empty, and the LED icon will not be flashing.

The Run button on the main screen will start the updater. The ‘LED’ on the button will flash, showing that text updating is in progress. Once running, you cannot exit the program. This prevents accidental closure of the application.

Clicking Stop will halt updating, and prevent further text updates to the units. You can now exit the program.