ET-Updater has been tested and optimized for the following operating systems:

  • Windows XP SP2 and SP3
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows Server 2003

ET-Updater uses Microsoft XML (MSXML) parser 4.0, which is installed as part of Internet Explorer 6, but can also be installed independently if required. Contact Rascular for instructions.

For connection to Imagestore networks, a 10/100 Ethernet card is typically required, as is a basic knowledge of configuring TCP/IP networks. Configuration of Ethernet cards and TCP/IP networking is outside the scope of this manual.

Miranda Imagestore Compatibility

Imagestore 750, 300, 300+, 2,3 and HD units must have the ‘Easytext’ option installed. IS-2 and 3 units must be running software V2.11 and later. We recommend you upgrade your Imagestore to the most recent software version possible.

Imagestore Intuition, Intuition+ and Intuition-HD units must have the ‘Serif’ CG option installed.

ET-Updater is fully compatible with Rascular’s HELM control panel system and Miranda’s ‘PresMaster’ Master Control Switcher.

Harris IconStation Compatibility

ET-Updater is compatible with all versions of Harris IconStation, using XML data sources.