Options Dialog

This dialog allows various configuration options for ET-Updater to be set and viewed.

These options are held in a special .INI file, rather than as part of the configuration file. Therefore they are shared between all configuration files.

Proxy Server Options

If you wish to use an HTTP server to retrieve text, and your access to that server is performed through a Proxy Server, then the Hostname or IP Address, and port number must be set up in the Options Dialog.

Advanced Logging

Selecting this generates additional timing and troubleshooting information in the ‘log’ pane of the main screen.

Auto-run at start

Selecting this means that ET-Updater will automatically start up in the “running” state. (The ‘LED’ will be green, and will blink)  When this is turned off, you must manually start the updater by pressing ‘Run’.

IS2 Network Timeout

The IS2 Network timeout determines how quickly missing or ‘failed’ Imagestores are detected and ignored. If you have significant delays on your network or are accessing Imagestores at remote sites, you may need to increase this figure. As a rule of thumb, the delay should be at least twice a typical ‘ping’ time.

HTTP Timeout

The HTTP timeout field is a similar timeout used for accessing files and data from HTTP servers. This typically needs to be significantly longer than the IS2 timeout, particularly if the HTTP servers are internet-based and accessed via modems or ISDN.