Rascular’s ET-Updater family of text delivery tools are a powerful, yet simple solution to the problems of delivering textual information into broadcast Character Generator (CG) systems in an on-air environment.

The ET-Updater family includes the

  • ET-Updater (for plain text files)
  • ET-Updater Pro (for HTTP, FTP, databases, spreadsheets)
  • Timebase (for Now/Next graphics)

Supported CG systems include

  • Harris IconStation
  • Miranda Imagestore with Easytext
  • Miranda Intuition

Typical applications include:

  • Financial ticker information
  • EAS and other weather alerts
  • News headline and other wire service displays
  • SMS and e-mail gateways for interactive TV
  • Sports results services
  • School Closure alerts
  • Now/Next/Later graphics
  • Program Guides

ET-Updater removes the need for expensive custom applications to deliver data CG systems.

This manual describes the functions of the ET-Updater, ET-Updater Pro and Timebase software packages, and walks through the process of setting up a simple system.


Built using Rascular’s reliable IS-API toolkit, ET-Updater can be configured to monitor one or more text files in the PC environment. When a change is detected in a text file, the file’s content is automatically processed and transferred to the Imagestore, causing the CG fields to update.

Please note that all features described as part of ET-Updater are available in ET-Updater Pro and Timebase as well.

ET-Updater Pro

ET-Updater Pro is an enhanced variant of ET-Updater. The Pro version includes many additional features for retrieving, processing and delivering text, including full XML support, ODBC database access, and Excel file support.

Where a feature is only in the “Pro” version, it will be marked thus: [ET-Updater Pro Only]


Timebase includes all features of ET-Updater Pro, and adds the ability to read automation schedule files, and filter information based on current time-of-day. This makes Timebase an ideal solution for all Program Schedule graphics, and other applications where text and graphics required relate directly to program material, including shopping channels, and Music channels.

Where a feature is only available in Timebase, it will be marked thus: [Timebase Only]