ViewMaster: REST API

ViewMaster has a built-in Web Server and REST API, which allows control and configuration of the system from a Web Browser or third-party software.

The default TCP port for the server is 888, but this can be changed in the configuration. Here are some of the basic commands available on the REST API. All data is passed in JSON format.

Endpoint Function
GET http://<host>/api/version Returns ViewMaster software version
GET http://<host>/api/settings Returns the current settings
GET http://<host>/api/sources Returns a list of all available NDI sources
POST http://<host>/api/settings Updates the settings. All fields in the posted data are simply merged with the current settings, so you only need to specify the field you wish to change. This causes a complete reload of the window
POST http://<host>/api/source Updates the source for a single window, specified by row and column. Unlike a POST of settings, this does not cause a complete reload of the window layout.

The full ViewMaster VR API is published on Postman: