ViewMaster: Command Line Options

You can modify the behaviour of ViewMaster by passing options to it on the Windows command line. The normal command line to run ViewMaster is this:-

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Rascular\ViewMaster VR\HELM_RT.exe" "C:\ProgramData\Rascular\ViewMaster_VR\ViewMaster.helm.json" --quiet

This uses the executable HELM_RT to run the ViewMaster application, passing the “–quiet” flag which hides the HELM_RT startup screen.

Additional options are available

Locked Mode: –locked

To prevent accidental changes to configuration, you can run ViewMaster in a “locked” mode. In this mode, the configuration screen and source selection buttons are not available, and the bottom banner with the application name and logo are also hidden..

You can either select ViewMaster VR (Locked) from the Windows Start menu, use the --locked command line option.

Settings File location: –settings <filename.json>

Uses the specified file for ViewMaster’s settings. This option allows you to quickly launch ViewMaster with totally different configurations

Debug Mode: –debug

Only use this if requested by Rascular Support