RouteMaster Lite: Overview

Rascular’s RouteMaster Lite is a protocol adaptor for control of Newtek NDI-based systems. Two protocols are supported: Rascular Web Panels and BlackMagic VideoHub.

It lets you control routing of NDI signals within your system using BlackMagic hardware panels, or using a built-in virtual panel that can be accessed from any web browser on your network.

RouteMaster Lite gives you more options for controlling NDI-based video systems. Here are some examples:

  • You need an economical hardware control panel. RouteMaster Lite lets you interface BlackMagic panels to your NDI network.
  • Various persons on your company network need to have control over NDI routing. RouteMaster Lite lets you deploy a web browser-based panel on any computer or mobile device.
  • You need an immediate overview of the current routing status of your NDI devices. RouteMaster Lite shows you where all your signals are going.