RouteMaster Lite: Licensing

RouteMaster Lite creates a virtual router with up to 20 NDI sources and 20 destinations.

License files are installed by copying them into the appropriate application directory. For RouteMaster Lite, this is typically C:/Program Files(X86)/Rascular/RouteMaster Lite.

If no valid license file is installed, RouteMaster Lite will operate in a ‘Demo’ mode, with only the Dummy Router available. All client protocols can still be used and evaluated.

The number of ‘clients’ that can connect to RouteMaster Lite depends on the version purchased.

RouteMaster Lite Solo No remote control.  The router can only be controlled from the application GUI.
RouteMaster Lite-1 A single remote control client can connect, either a Blackmagic Hardware Panel or a Web Panel.
RouteMaster Lite-4 Up to four remote control clients can connect, any mix of Blackmagic Hardware panels or a web panels.