WebCentre: Installation Guide

This article shows you how to install Rascular WebCentre 2.0 and above.

Run the installer

Double-click the file Rascular WebCentre_2.x.x_install that you downloaded, and give permission to make changes. Accept the licence agreement and allow the installation to complete. Click Finish to open WebCentre in your browser.

Login as “admin”

The WebCentre login page will open in your browser. We recommend using Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari.  WebCentre may work on other browsers but the results may not be as shown here.

On first install the default admin login is:

USER: [email protected]
PASS: password

Clearly you will want to change these so once we’ve finished with this article please see the article about managing users and access rights.

Controlling WebCentre

Rascular WebCentre has some controls in the Start Menu that you need to be aware of:

  1. Edit Nginx config : this opens the file nginx.conf in Notepad so that you can adjust the settings of the nginx web server to suit your particular setup.
  2. Open WebCentre : opens the WebCentre homepage in your default browser – if you are not logged then you will have to enter your username and password.
  3. Restart Nginx : This restarts the server engine. If you have made configuration changes you will need to restart the server to apply them.

Logged in? this is what you should see

The home screen will show

  1. The current user, and a dropdown-menu for user-related actions
  2. A set of button links for access to the main WebCentre functions.

In the next articles we’ll cover how to set up new users and establish rights to use web panels. (And we’ll change that admin login before it’s too late!)


Stage #1: Local operation

Try opening the WebCentre at http://localhost

No response from http://localhost. One of the services may not have started. Verify service status using the “Services” Administrative tool. If the WebCentre PHP service has not started correctly please run the Microsoft MS VC2015 Redistributable. Locate and run vc_redist.x86.exe in the WebCentre application directory. If both services are running check firewall settings on your server.

A different (or empty) web page is shown. Another webserver application is running on your server. Either disable it, or modify the nginx configuration to use a different TCP port number.

Stage #2: Remote Operation

Repeat the test in stage #1, but from a different machine on your network, entering the IP address of the WebCentre server into the browser. A failure at this stage usually means that a firewall is preventing access between client and server.

If you can access WebCentre from other PCs on your network then the installation is successful. The next stage is to design and publish your own panels.