WebCentre: Users and access rights

Obviously in any broadcast facility not all panels are relevant of even safe for all users to access. Controlling who sees and uses what is the purpose of WebCentre. In this article we’ll show you how to set up WebCentre users and their access rights.

First step: change the admin user !!!

You would not believe how many systems in the world can still be accessed through default admin login credentials. So a vital first step is always to change the admin username and password. Let’s do that now. The default admin login is:

USER: [email protected]
PASS: password

Go to the Rascular WebCentre in your browser and click on the Users menu. You’ll see various fictitious sample users already there to show you how the system works. Click on the Create User button to add a new user.

Setting up a new admin user

Let’s give the admin user a different user email and a strong password (longer than 6 characters). Don’t forget to write these down in your little black book of passwords. Set you new user’s roles as User Manager and Panel Manager. Click Create to finalise.

Check that your new user has User and Panel Manager roles. Then log out and log in as your new admin user. Go to Users and delete the default Admin user. Now we’re ready to look at user roles in more detail.

Roles and how to use them

User roles provide the link between panels and the persons who can use them. It would be a bit tiresome to have to individually assign panels to each and every user. We want for example all the MCR Operators to be able to use the MCR panels. So we define a role called MCR Ops and assign this role to the relevant users. Here I’ve already edited one of the default (Latin language) roles to MCR Ops and given it a description. You can create as many different roles as you need.

Editing panels rights

Let’s go to the Panels menu for a moment. Remember that Small Router Panel we published in the last article? Click on the Edit button and let’s give it to the MCR Ops to use.

Assign panel to roles

So for this Small Router Panel I’ve checked the role MCR Ops. This way all users with the MCR Ops role can see and use this panel when they are logged in to WebCentre.

While you weren’t looking I’ve created an extra user, Stefanos. Stefanos works in the MCR and we’d like him to be able to use the Small Router panel. So I went into Users and edited him, giving him the MCR Ops role. Now when Stefanos logs in he should only see panels in the MCR Ops role. Let’s log out now and in the next step log back in as Stefanos to check this…

How the ordinary user sees it.

So here we are logged in as Stefanos and all he can see and use is the Small Router Panel assigned to MCR OPs.

User profile

All users have access to their profile page on WebCentre. This lets them edit their display name and password.

Wrap up

Rascular WebCentre lets you deploy browser-based control panels accessible through any computer on the facility LAN. Through user login and roles you can define in detail who can use which panels keeping the relevant control in front of the right operators.