WebCentre: Managing Panels

In this article we discuss how to publish panels to the WebCentre and how to manage them. At this point you should have WebCentre open in your browser and be logged in as administrator (see installation article for details ).

Show available panels

Click on the WebCentre Panels menu to show the available panels. At this point just after install we see some sample panels that come with the installation. These don’t actually function basically because television hadn’t been invented back then. So now let’s see how to add some useful panels of our own.

Create a panel in Helm Designer

Just for the exercise here we’ll create a small router panel in Hem Designer. If this is unfamiliar territory check out our help articles on support.rascular.com.

Worth noting that in web panels only Dummy Router and RouteMaster router devices are supported. The router control protocol must be web-friendly because the panel runs in the browser. Rascular’s RouteMaster product can translate web panel protocol to control almost any kind of router hardware.

Set Helm options for publishing to WebCentre

In Helm Designer go to the Tools > Options.. menu and click on the Web Panels tab. Enter the URL of your WebCentre installation. In this case it is localhost but normally it would be the IP or name of the server where WebCentre is installed. Check the box Publish via HTTP API. The Test button should open WebCentre in your browser.

Publish the panel

Select the menu File > Publish to… menu in Helm Designer. And give the panel a name. Here we’ll call it Small Router Panel. Click OK to publish.

View panels in WebCentre

Back in your browser click the Panels menu to view panels. Now we can see Small Router Panel in the WebCentre.

Managing access to panels

In the next article we’ll talk about how to manage users in WebCentre and set up the panels which they have access to.