ClockWork: Event Schedule

Now we have 3 events in the schedule:

  • Take Zero: set to run at 23:35:00 today
  • Take Four: set to run at 23:36:00 today
  • Take Five: about to run in 20s from now

All 3 events have the status Pending and the event that is about to happen has changed the Select Next Event button to red colour and shows the time to go. This let’s you quickly hit that button to select the event and intervene if you need to.

Once an event is selected in the schedule you can use the Event Controls to manage that event:

  • Hold – puts the selected event on hold i.e. it does not execute
  • Execute – immediately executes the selected event
  • Deselect – deselects the event
  • Recall – retrieves the events schedule data and router take action to the panel so you can make changes.
  • Update – saves your changes back to the selected event.