ClockWork: Scheduled Switching

But the really neat thing about ClockWork is that you can schedule a router take to happen in the future.

Scheduled events are created, edited and managed by the controls located on the right-hand side of the panel:

  1. Schedule Take At: schedules the currently preset router take to occur at a specific time.
  2. Schedule Take In: schedules the currently preset router take to occur after a specific time interval.
  3. Event Name: it’s useful to give events names relating to their purpose so that you can easily find them in the schedule.
  4. Event Control: these buttons allow you take actions with the currently selected even in the schedule.

You’ll notice that the Schedule Take At time keeps updating as time passes. Since it doesn’t make any sense to schedule an event in the past the schedule time is always at least the present moment.

So now let’s try adding some events to the schedule…